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Kim Kardashian: Black to Black.


Cummy cakes, Kim Kardashian was at the BET Honors Awards on Saturday night. BET stands for Black Entertainment Television.

As you know Kim Kardashian has dedicated her entire life to making sure that we see glorious press pictures of her Botoxed forehead and her Botoxed bum every single day. But on Saturday night at the BET Awards nobody even noticed her. [click to continue…]

Lindsay Lohan Broke Photoshop.


Last night the new Queen of Liquefy, Lindsay Lohan celebrated another successful week of being an idiot by releasing a sexyface selfie to her Instagram. Unfortunately it looks like she ‘shopped’ herself using a broken version of Photoshop and the ‘greasy trash in a trash bag’ tool.

Yes, it appears that Lindsay Lohan’s project manager decided to take a nap on a pile of stolen artefacts instead of going over this picture (above) with a magnifying glass – LIKE HE’S SUPPOSED TO DO – because another ‘My Body by Still Learning To Use The Fool Filter’ has caused the World Wide Web to shudder with laughter. [click to continue…]

Katie Hopkins – Bum Flash


Katie Hopkins: Just when you thought Channel 5 would keep your children safe from harm here comes the stupid one from Celebrity Big Brother flashing her bare bottom on live TV.

It always starts this way. You know, after the nine o’clock watershed. I’m pretty sure that’s how World War 2 began. Somebody flashing their ass at the Germans. Nobody believes in war anymore, so Katie Hopkins can now expect a whole lot of hot gossip on social media. [click to continue…]

Kris Jenner Wears a Skinned Werewolf.

Kris Jenner-National TV Awards-Newsmediaimages

Kris Jenner has once again caused my eyeballs to suffer that special kind of pain which only comes from looking at her.

Yes. Kris Jenner turned up to last night’s National Television Awards in London wearing something you might dispute with Paypal after eBay had delivered it to your door. [click to continue…]

Katie Price and Alex Reid’s Bottom.


Last night in the Celebrity Big Brother house the pride of Britain, Katie Price was chatting with her fellow house mates. They were talking about rude things. You know, stuff they’d done in the name of love.

As you know NewsMediaImages.com is a family orientated web-site (it’s not) so, if you’re easily offended please look away now. [click to continue…]

Kim Kardashian – Selfish Selfies.

Kim Kardashian-Selfies-Selfish-NMi

The picture you see above is the image on the cover of Kim Kardashian’s new book entitled Selfish. The book is a collection of Kim’s selfies, most of which you can see for free on her Instagram.

Kim’s new book comes out in May so naturally the Kardashian obsessed Daily Mail have spent the afternoon clogging up Google with all the details. Seriously, only abandoned dropouts who were teething during the London Olympics could apply themselves like this and still come up with an article so lame. [click to continue…]

Madonna Records Duet With Mike Tyson.

Madonna-Rape-Rebel Heart-NMi

Madonna thinks she lives on a mountain of pudding pop and is therefore untouchable so of course she’d have to record a duet with the convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

So Mike Tyson’s a musician now? I thought he was a notorious face-puncher who had to be told stop punching and raping people. Silly me. Obviously. [click to continue…]

RIP: Anne Kirkbride 1954 – 2015.

Anne Kirkbride-Deirdre-Barlow-RIP

Anne Kirkbride: Fun fact: The word “fabulous” was invented by Deirdre Barlow from Coronation Street. That is one hundred percent true. No, it’s not, but I like to think it is.

Soap opera has lost another rose. Last night NMi favorite, Anne Kirkbride, aka Deirdre Barlow spread her angel wings and flew off to heaven. She died in a Manchester hospital. She was 60 years young.

For 43 years Anne played Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street. Last September Anne announced she was taking a three month break from the show but was set to return to the soap later this month. Sadly that won’t happen now.

Wiki says that Anne was born in Oldham Lancashire and was the daughter of a newspaper cartoonist. Originally she started playing the part of Coronation Street’s Deirdre Hunt back in November 1972, but as her character grew in popularity she eventually became Deirdre Barlow and secured her place in television history.

As Deidre Barlow she married four times (twice to Ken Barlow) and had 13 lovers but in real life Anne married just the once to David Beckett, her husband of 20 years.

Anne was a chain smoker so I bet the moment she arrived in heaven God handed her a microphone and told her to announce everyone’s names in her signature husky voice as they arrive at the pearly gates.

Rest in Peace Anne Kirkbride, you are now in heaven where Hilda Ogden is taking orders from you and Elsie Tanner is gagging over your choice in men.

And thank you for this: